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In OneSearch's My Saved Records feature, how can I delete or rename a label?

I saved articles and books in OneSearch's My Saved Records, but I have labels I want to delete or rename. How can I do this?
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In My Saved Records, you can delete a label by removing the label from all the records using that label.

  • Click on the label that you wish to rename or delete. 
  • Select all the titles that are using that label using the checkboxes on the left.  In the example below, I have selected two articles that currently have the label 'bears'.

An image showing the selection of articles within a label in the My Saved Records function of Oviatt Library's OneSearch Tool

  • Click "Remove label from records".  If you have removed the label from *all* the records under the label, the label will effectively be deleted.  However, the records will still be in your saved records - they just won't have any labels.
  • Now you can re-assign a label (or multiple labels) to the records. 
  • Go to your main My Saved Records screen and select the records you wish to re-label.  Then fill in your desired label in the Add label to records field, and click Add.

An image showing articles selected and the field "Add label to records" filled to, which adds a label to articles in Oviatt Library's OneSearch tool.

A note on deleting articles from OneSearch's My Saved Records tool:

Be sure to remove the label before deleting records - otherwise the label will remain and cannot be removed at this time!  This bug has been reported.  Once you have removed labels from items you wish to delete, select them and click the "Delete" button (the button with a small trash bin icon) to remove the saved records completely.

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